If life is worth living... It's worth recording.

Winner of the 1st annual Highland mountain bike park video awards.

Finalists in the 2005 Boston MTB Video awards.

Contributing segment producer for Dan Eagan's wild world of summer.

Exclusive Videography for Sinister Bikes.

Segment producer for the "Northeast mountain bike report"

My Experience


I have been doing videography as a hobby for over 10 years and have just recently in the past couple of years started taking things more seriously.

Editing. I have been editing just as long and learn something new each time I embark on a new project. I do all my editing on Sony Vegas, I have found "vegas" to extremely powerful and also easy to master.

My Goals
To produce my first short film and submit it to film festivals. I have already wrote it and it's in it's second draft. I hope to start pre production this fall.

I want to change the way mountain bike movies are produced, I want to bring more of a narrative feel to it. This will hopefully open them up to a larger audience.

To be able to travel the world filming and experiencing the things I'm passionate about, and make a living at it!

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