If life is worth living... It's worth recording.

Kite Boarding

I just started Kite boarding this summer and I must say it is quit addictive and fun! If the wind is blowing everything else goes on the back burner!

Mountain BIking.

I have been mountain biking since 1993. And for the first time this past March, I went on my first mountain bike trip to Peru. This was an amazing experience that I hope to duplicate in the near future!

Snow boarding.

I started snow boarding in 1994. Myself and 4 friends went skiing at attatash and decide to try snow boarding and I have never looked back since. Every 2 years, myself and a core group of 6 venture out of the country in search of fresh powder.


Every since I have been a teenager I have always been the first one to grab the family video camera and record family events. As time went on I started taking my video camera along on my Mountain biking and snow boarding adventures. This is when I really discovered my passion for filmmaking.








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